Twelve people sitting in a meeting around a long table.

Photograph by Ari Aalto, 1997 – Source: Archives of the IT Center of the University of Helsinki

Board of the Computing Centre and the Physics Computation Unit

This was the last meeting of the Board in December 1997 before of reorganization the IT services at the university. At the end of the table, on the right, Chairman of the Board, professor Kimmo Koskenniemi, and sitting at the table from his left, secretary Arla Sipilä, professor Juhani Keinonen, director of the Physics Computation Unit Mauri Korkea-aho, Erkki Aalto, Kai Kuvaja, Veijo Notkola, Paula Kouki, Mari Voipio, Ritva Tuomisto, myself, and director of the Computing Centre Lars Backström.